Real Mom Stories

A mother’s message of strength

Motherhood is a  journey with surprises at every curve. Different mothers have different journeys. The same mother would have different experiences for each of her pregnancies. Nonetheless, they sacrifice their happiness, sleep, peace of mind, and individuality. All of this for ensuring a good future for their children, but fate throws some unfair challenges in their way. As unbelievable as it seems, mothers face them like a pro.Some strong women overcame seemingly impossible challenges and emerges victory. If you derive inspiration from them, our job is done.

A mother’s message of strength

I just opened my morning newspaper and read the piece [about the] SEP Vigil on students addressing bullying. After reading the Southeast Polk article, my mind raced back to my own years at SEP. Going to school there in the late 60’s and early 70’s, I, myself, was a victim of bullying. But in those times, that [was] not what it was called. I was born with a speech impediment. Born with a cleft palette that impaired my speech dramatically. Yes, I was made fun of many  times. But I do attribute my strength and courage to my mother. She knew I had to be prepared for my adult life. She encouraged me to step forward and always speak for myself, make my own doctor appointments, hair appointments and step forward in public places.

A mother’s message of strength

She gave me such self worth and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. My dream of dance. I now have been in the dance business for 43 years. I own a dance studio for children and owe a lot of this success to my mother. With all these issues on bullying, sometimes I think parents and families need to step in early and focus on their children’s self worth. It starts in the home. To build confidence and integrity. We need to make our children strong.

Thank you so much for the article on your mother. She did work hard at making you strong.

Becky Nalevanko

A Real Mom’s Story On Being So Damn ‘Real’

I was born in Deolali where my father was posted and serving in the Army. My childhood was about frequent transfers to unheard places around the country meant often changing schools. My mother worked as a schoolteacher, younger brother grew up to be an Army officer. Having worked as a corporate trainer in India and in the USA for a while before getting married to a Naval officer, Faujimom really deserves to be called one!

A new born baby with mother works from home and her usual day revolves around the boy, the kitchen, running errands, and creating comics in her ‘Me Time’.

She says,“The challenging part (for me at a personal level) is to be able to deal with loneliness and self-worth. With kids routines and house errands, I don’t get to meet friends or make friends. To catch up with someone for a cup of coffee involves a lot of planning. My in-laws stay in the same city so some weekends we visit them which leaves no room, no time for myself. Self-worth is not there! I am not just a mom or a homemaker (which, to my utter disappointment is what I have become- more and more or is being acknowledged as). I am trying to use my skillset and resources to become an illustrator. I want to be more and do more in life. Money is never the motivation.My tips for all the new born baby with mother is  reading or feeling it right now- this phase shall pass, and you will get better. Don’t let a small baby stop you from traveling or going out. Don’t stress about weight, career and life plans. Take each day as it comes. Don’t try and be the ‘best’ Mom. Be a ‘happy’ Mom. Don’t do things to impress others. Choose to be that parent that you always wanted your own parents to be. Talk to people if you need help. Most importantly – you are and will always be more than just a Mom”.

A mother’s message of strength

Niyati Sharma

The Heartbreaking

I’m a mother to three kids with two here and one who is not in this world. She’s always in my heart and on my mind and her name is on our lips at all times but you won’t see me loading her in and out of a car seat or chasing her at the play ground.

One thought was heartbreaking to me from the moment we learned we were expecting our baby even thought he is much loved and wanted and has filled our lives with more laughter.

We have photos of a new born baby with mother but now it has joined us we’ll never have a complete family portrait ever again. I think of it every time I look at an almost perfect picture of my two here. Every photo seems slightly off and then I remember why.

A reader (turned new friend) approached me recently to ask if she could draw something for us. She’s been challenging herself to draw every day and recently those drawings have turned to portraits of loved ones and others who have touched her life in some way.

We were discussing recently how her blogging process and daily progress of these drawings compares to me writing about my grief. We both feel that we are putting ourselves out there in a vulnerable way to share these parts of ourselves and yet in doing so we get so much more back personally from the task that we forget that we are helping others.

And that’s an understatement to say that she is helping me. Just look at that photo of the drawing as it is now. She is bringing the image of my heart, the definition of who I am as a mother, the answer to the question of how many children I have to life slowly through her attention to detail and shading and amazing talent. I’ll never be able to thank her enough.

So this Mother’s Day I thank her and you for celebrating all mothers especially the ones who outlive their precious little ones.

Elina Bobdigh

The remarkable

I actually came through pregnancy pretty unscathed – no stretchmarks, no weight gain… with all my clothes on, I LOOK similar to my pre-pregnancy .My face looks older, from lack of sleep (and probably also from all that fear that I have now).

I will never have a pre-baby body again. But that’s ok. I would happily trade that body for this baby, over and over again.

I grew a freaking AMAZING human INSIDE my body, and then – even though I hardly believe it now – this body brought that little human into the world. To top that off, my body sustained that amazing little human through breastfeeding for nine months.

Things that were important before are far less important now. It’s funny how that works. I don’t prioritize things the same way at all. I used to REALLY prioritize holidays.

A week or two on the beach every year was at the top of my important things list. This year, I don’t even really care that we won’t get a holiday in. It’s more important to me that we spend our holiday time as a family, and that means staying home – because a baby at an all inclusive resort just doesn’t make sense.

So this is the end and hope all new born baby with mother remain safe and enjoy their life.