Nappy Time


With so many babies all over the globe, one must wonder how much these diaper companies make. A lot since babies will not stop defecating any time soon. Babies go through a lot of diapers after Newborn baby birth. This remains to be the case till they are about 4-5 years old. 

Most new parents that are inexperienced fail to count for the excessive need for diapers for their Newborn baby. In most cases, the parents underestimate the baby’s pooping potential and get less than the ideal number of diapers. 

The best way to approach such a situation is to get lots of them. By them, we mean the diapers that the baby will eventually need. On some days, they go through more than 4 diapers a day. Irritating as that might sound, for the babies it is comforting. 

Many factors go into purchasing baby products. Pregnant women usually buy a lot of unnecessary stuff out of love. These may even include tons of diapers that may be lacking in quality. We are going to show you what matters while buying diapers and what to look for. 

You are probably wondering how to account for the size of diapers, their number, their quality, and their potential. We are going to make all of this extremely easy for you. This guide will show you exactly what you need and what you do not. 

Why are Diapers Necessary?

Newborn baby diapers are used so the baby can defecate or urinate without leaving his place. We can call them portable toilets. That is the extent of their purpose, and we all know that such a matter cannot be ignored. Nobody likes to be in a bad situation created due to odor. Hence, diapers are used globally.

Now you are wondering whether there is some extra purpose for these diapers. Well, in essence, there is not. In actuality, there are so many things diapers are responsible for. For instance, babies suddenly get rash which can easily be prevented by a good diaper. If a baby feels discomforted, they are likely going to cry. This will eventually make a whole mess of the situation. 

The comfort and peace of the baby are really important. That is why diapers are such a good product. We are going to share with you what you need to look for in diapers.  Following this guide, you and your baby will be at peace simultaneously. 

Buying Guide

Considering the various factors regarding diapers, you are most likely confused. This confusion is created due to a wide variety of these diapers. We have created this guide for you to learn from and make your life easier. Let us then look at the important features a diaper should have. 

Number of Diapers

Do not get overwhelmed by our proclamations earlier. This is the reasoning for all that. At the start, you need to test a few diapers that suit your baby. Hence, start with a limited number and size. No need to go all-in on one size. Babies grow very fast you know. 

When you first try a new brand and don’t like it, you can move on. That is the trick here. You have the freedom to test which brand suits your baby. It will help you avoid spending excess money. Keep in mind that different brands have different sizes and qualities. You must do good research before settling. That is what most parents tend to ignore. 

Babies are humans just like us, and this is for their comfort. Make sure you are fulfilling their needs before making a choice. Different brands work better for different babies. It is something natural, that some babies get irritated by some diapers. 

Frequency of Changes

The most ideal way to change is to do it after every 3-4 hours. This is the optimal gap between the baby’s bowel movements. Considering how quickly the price can mount up, many parents don’t do this. They tend to keep the same diaper on as long as possible. This is extremely harmful to the baby. You might see skin rash, redness, and irritation for the baby. 

If a baby is not at peace, then the whole house is not at peace. Hence, for your sleep and the baby’s, you need to change his diapers regularly. Yeast infections are also possible due to longer contact with feces and urine. Try to change the diaper as much as possible. Remember to be efficient, but not at the cost of the baby’s comfort. 


Size is one of the most important factors for a diaper. If the size is too short, the baby will feel constricted and cry his lungs out. Similarly, if the diaper is too big, it will leak and make a mess. You must be vigilant enough to look out for that.

Make sure to get the right size before you go all-in on the diapers. After all, the baby’s comfort is the most important thing. If your baby is at peace, you will be at peace. The saying goes “happy wife happy life”, we think it should be “happy baby happy life”. Let us now take a look at some of the best products that will enhance the baby’s comfort. 

SmartNappy by Amazing Baby, NextGen Hybrid Cloth Diaper Cover + 1 Tri-fold Reusable Insert + 1 Reusable Booster, Gray, Solid, Size 3, 12-25 lbs

Key Specifications:

  • Size: 3, 12-25 Pound
  • Brand: Amazing Baby
  • Color: Gray
  • Target Audience: all babies
  • Material: Polyester

The first product that you need to look at, is the smart nappy by Amazing Baby. As you read ahead, you will realize why this is the best choice. With the ultra-soft diaper cover that comes with the product, you can say goodbye to your worries. It is designed for nighttime use and comfort. There is an efficient leak protection guard that will save you a lot of hassle. This diaper is the first of its kind, as it has 2 fabric layers that stop water from leaking out. 

You will get 2 extra reusable inserts with this diaper. One of them is tri-fold, which is the best version. They are thin and highly absorbent for the baby’s comfort. With its high quality, it is extremely easy to wash as well. 

With the hook and loop fasteners, the fitting will not be a problem either. You get to fit it easily and put your baby’s comfort first. They are adjustable and hassle-free, so your baby and you are equally safe. The soft interiors will also serve you well. 

This product is highly efficient as well. With reusable and disposable inserts, you can preserve your baby’s health, as well as the environment. So many extremely good features are what make this product the best of its kind. 

Baby Diapers Size Newborn, 128 Ct, Huggies Little Snugglers

Key Specifications:

  • Size: newborn
  • Number: 128
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Huggies

Remember all those warnings we mentioned earlier, the ones with number and size? Well, Huggies brings you the best product that will cover your number and size issues instantly. With the box of 128 diapers, you will easily last for a month and your newborn will get the utmost comfort. Newborns are extremely tricky to deal with, but Huggies brings you the best diapers for them. 

They bring you this package of 128 so you don’t have to concern with repeated concerns over and over. Let us go through what makes this product one of the best. Starting with the size, this is a fitted newborn size meaning that it will be perfect for your newborn. You might be wondering that newborns come in different sizes. Worry not, as this product has good adaptability and sustenance. 

This diaper comes with a absorb liner that provides an absorbent layer of protection. This cares for the skin and helps avoid rashes. The supreme softness makes the baby extremely comfortable as well. With the leak protection system, you can be free of worry regarding any leaks. It maintains this for up to 12 hours and the color change system tells you whether to change it or not.

In newborn babies, the belly button is extremely sensitive, and it must be protected. Huggies has especially taken that into account and gives an umbilical cord cutout. This helps protect the belly button at all times. 

Babygoal Cloth Diaper Covers, Baby Adjustable Reusable Clothes Covers for Fitted Diapers and Prefolds, 6pcs Covers+One Wet Bag

Key Specifications:

  • Size: Toddler
  • Age Range: Toddler 0-2 years old
  • Brand: BabyGoal
  • Color: 6 colors 
  • Target Audience: All babies

Have you ever heard of cloth newborn baby diapers? We are sure that you have. As they are the most cost-efficient diapers out there, you have surely heard of them. Babygoal brings you one size fitting for babies up to 2 years old. The covers have additional adjustable snaps that fit as needed. From newborns to toddlers, all babies can be covered up in this product. These diapers have the best quality and durability for your purposes. 

As they are reusable, they prove to be cheaper and more efficient than disposable diapers. This also reduces waste and preserves the environment. The double-layered protection against leaks is a major plus. Waterproofed layers are highly coveted as a quality for diapers. These covers can easily be washed and reused as per your liking. 

One product package includes 6 diapers and one wet bag, while inserts come separately. Fitting them with Prefolds is extremely easy and your work is made convenient for you.

Sposie Overnight Diaper Booster Pads, 90 ct, No Adhesive for Easy Repositioning, Helps Stops Nighttime Leaks, Fits Diaper Sizes 4-6

Key Specifications:

  • Size: 30pcs (Pack of 3)
  • Brand: Sposie
  • Color: Original white
  • Target audience: all babies
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 10 x 11.4 Inches

We will now move on to arguably the best-selling product that we can recommend. Sposie brings you added protection for diapers in the form of pads. These absorbent booster pads excel at increasing the absorbing capacity of the diapers. This way, both the baby and you can enjoy some peace.

Fitting the diapers with these pads from Sposie will increase the efficiency significantly. Ranging from size 4-6, you are sure to make ample use of them. To make your work even easier, these pads come without adhesive. This allows for easy repositioning and adjustment. These pads are guaranteed to improve both the sleep of the parents and the baby. 

 Hygiene is an extremely vital trait and this product helps achieve and maintain a good level of it. The rash caused by most diapers can easily be countered by these pads. It is entirely safe and helps your child get sued to comfort and peace. The best thing about these pads is that they are not brand exclusive. They can easily fit with most diaper brands and products. 

In case you are looking to travel or go on a trip, then this is your best choice. It enhances the durability of the average diaper and makes your journey safer. They are an enemy to nighttime leaks and make sure that your child remains dry and comfortable throughout the journey. 

Baby Diapers, Size 5 (27 lbs+) 136 Count- Babyganics Ultra Absorbent, Unscented, Made without Chlorine, Latex

Bringing you the most chemical-free newborn baby diapers, Babyganics has removed all use of latex and chlorine. They have focused on removing artificial factors and improving your baby’s sleep. The lotions or fragrances that are involved in this item are based on petroleum which adds a secure touch to it. They have added their blend of tomatoes and raspberry seed oils to make this product highly useful and safe for use.

The premium fit comes with good absorbency capabilities and protects from leaks from all sides. With the newborn sizes, there is the additional feature of wetness indicator that can be extremely helpful for the parents. Bambo Nature Premium Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers, Size 5 (27-40 Lbs), 150 Count (6 Packs of 25)

Bambo Nature is the only brand that not only cares about your baby but his surroundings as well. They have produced these efficient and eco-friendly newborn baby diapers that help the environment indirectly by avoiding deforestation. 

With multiple leak protection features and absorbency capabilities, they are free of chlorine and latex. This makes the product extremely safe to use and manage. The wetness indicator is extremely useful for the parents so it is a major bonus as well.